About Us

Why Select MedIncite?
We are communications experts in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. Our experience with various clientele allows us to easily navigate the product positioning process, effectively communicating key value messages to your target audience with the proper scientific evidence and fair balance.
We have both scientific expertise and writing skills that allow us to help our clients convey key messages with language clarity and scientific accuracy. The statisticians on our team guide us to ensure the proper description of scientific and statistical methods. Our team members' diverse backgrounds and comprehensive skill sets gives our company the ability to carry out literature-based research such as systematic reviews and meta-analyses as needed.
We are a small and nimble team that values delivering quality products and services with quick turnaround times. In an age where time is of the essence, our mission is to anticipate our client's needs and facilitate the creative process to give our clients what they need to make the greatest impact possible.
We comply with good publication practice and work with our clients in all aspects of the rigorous publication review process and other related compliance policies.
Our Team:
Our team members have extensive scientific and medical writing experience. With advanced graduate level degrees in various fields, our medical writers have contributed to many publications in peer-reviewed journals and have prepared countless conference abstracts, posters, and presentations. In addition to those with experience working in industry, our team also includes members who have held academic positions as professors in colleges and universities. Our work can be found not only in scientific publications, but in text books as well.