Product & Service Solutions

MedIncite is a communications agency that provides publication services throughout the product lifecycle, from strategic planning to execution and delivery. Our services include:


Publication Planning:

MedIncite provides strategic publication planning that maximizes a product's visibility throughout its lifecycle. The advanced degree expertise of our team members allows for the development of a proactive, long-term plan to provide high quality communications from the initial clinical trial phases to post-marketing research and surveillance. Comprehensive market assessments to enable effective tactical planning and timely execution of the publication plan allow the company to deliver superior client-focused solutions to the appropriate audience. We adhere to Good Publication Practice guidelines to ensure ethical and responsible dissemination of clinical research data.


Key Opinion Leader engagement:

Our team members have established relationships with key opinion leaders in major therapeutic areas. MedIncite assists in the identification and engagement of key opinion leaders and can facilitate meeting logistics such as planning, organizing, and chairing key opinion leader panels. In addition, our company can perform publication topic feasibility planning and discussion with key opinion leaders to move publication ideas from concepts to executions quickly and with maximum communication impacts.


Publication Execution:

Our team members have successfully executed and delivered a wide range of publication types including:

  • Abstracts
  • Posters
  • Manuscripts
  • Journal Supplements
  • Slides
  • Brochures
  • Online Apps


Review Process:

The work of our team members has resulted in numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals; we have extensive experience with journal and peer-reviews of manuscripts to expedite the process for earlier acceptance and publication. In addition, our team members' industry experience gives them insight into the internal review processes and policies of pharmaceutical companies, allowing us to guide our clients through the review process to speedier approval.


Literature-Based Research:

In addition to their writing skills, MedIncite's team members have advanced graduate degrees and research skills that allow them to successfully synthesize high quality research evidence and perform systematic reviews and meta-analyses. We also perform systematic literature reviews to generate further evidence to raise either disease or product awareness.


Medical Data Analytics:

MedIncite's team members also possess the expertise to deliver comprehensive clinical data analytics solutions using data from randomized clinical trials, clinical data registries, and other medical data sources. Our extensive experience has produced numerous scientific publications and confers the unique ability to offer one-stop shopping for both data analytics and scientific publication, ensuring effective interactions and superior integration of data analytics and data communication.

Online Apps:

With the increased use of smartphones and tablets in business, the ability to access your data through mobile devices or across different platforms is essential. MedIncite can provide its clients with web-enabled apps that can report diverse types of data from study results to performance metrics in an intuitive interface that allows the user to customize the information presented.